GuyPlus! Guy Kawasaki’s avatar wants you on Google+

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Guy Kawasaki, internet news mogul and co-founder of, Apple evangelist, and renown author of 10 published works now reaches out via Mixed Reality! His avatar enjoys some time on the ice at the MetaDome to relieve stress from the real Guy making him nuts over trying to get EVERYONE to mark Guy Kawasaki on Google+ Oh, and make sure you spell the name right..Guy K.a.w.a.s.a.k.i. on Google+ !!

Avatars starring at Global Film Festival MMIF 2011

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P R E S S ?? R E L E A S E
Avatars starring at Global Film Festival MMIF 2011
MaMachinima International Festival
June 17 / 18, 2011
Web live + LEA Theatre (SL???) + Club Karlsson, Amsterdam (NL)

???MMIF 2011??? is the??third??edition of an annual film festival in 3D cyberspace with an??interactive cinema??screening in physical space (???RL???).??Audiences can follow some of the MMIF??happenings??live??via??the web.
The MMIF is a celebration of Machinima:??films??created??in??virtual worlds and video games.??On 3D Internet platforms like Second Life????for instance, any kind of movie set can be built??at??very low cost.??The MMIF aims to bring??Machinima, a new cinematic art form,??to a wider audience.??Films by professional machinima??producers??and by those who are just starting out??will be screened at MMIF 2011.??Machinima??directors and avatar actors??from all over the world are present in real time at the virtual??theatre??in SL. These?????Machinimatographers?????will??present over??fifty??short films and??discuss their work??in front of??a??live??global audience??of viewers.
Audiences??in Amsterdam can follow the MMIF event??live,??projected on a big screen??in??Club Karlsson at Keizersgracht, one of the most famous canals in Holland.??Several??participating??machinimatographers??will be present.??Visitors??can bring their own portable??computers to interact with the show on the big screen. Free??(wireless)??internet and electricity is provided.
Free??entrance at??Club Karlsson, however tickets are required. Reservations must be made??via?? . The amount of tickets at the door is very limited! Full = FULL!
This year??MMIF??collaborates with??MetaMeets, a??conference??about??3D-internet??and??Virtual??Worlds. MetaMeets 2011??will take place on the same dates and location??as MMIF, but during day time.
The MMIF is a volunteer-run,??non-profit collaboration of??MaMachinima with??Club Karlsson,??MetaMeets,??Meta.Live.Nu, PLANETART, AviewTV, Ystreams.TV, MetaMixTV, Gallery Fermate and many other??volunteers.??Special thanks to??NIMk,??De Balie and??Bellissima TV. MMIF 2011??is financed by donations and gifts. Virtual land sponsored by??Linden Lab??. MMIF??is??founded??and directed??by the Dutch??film maker??Chantal Harvey.
To view the??MMIF 2011??full program,??get??latest news, get tickets or live online interaction??please visit:??

13:00 ??? 19:00 ??? Conference about 3D-internet & Virtual Worlds
20:00 CEST (= SL??11:00??am PDT):??-??DOORS??OPEN
20:30 CEST (= SL 11:30??am PDT):??-??Workshop ???Machinima for Dummies???
22:00 CEST??(= SL????1:00??pm PDT): ??? Opening??ceremony + film blocks 1, 2
01:00 CEST (= SL????4:00??pm PDT):??- Ending
13:00 ??? 19:00 ??? Conference about 3D-internet & Virtual Worlds
20:00 CEST (= SL 11:00??am PDT):??-??DOORS??OPEN
20:30 CEST (= SL 11:30??am PDT):??- Film blocks 3, 4, 5
01:00 CEST (= SL???? 4:00??pm PDT):??-??Club Karlsson closes, MMIF continues interactive online
01:30 CEST (= SL ?? 4:30??am PDT):??- Film blocks 6, 7
04:30 CEST??(= SL ?? 7:30??pm PDT): ??? Ending
Club Karlsson
Keizersgracht 264
1016 EV??Amsterdam
The Netherlands
LEA??Theatre,??Second Life??
Teleport??& live streams??via??

Fluent Media Acquires Rezzed.TV

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Deborha Patten and her team are creators of Fluent Media Productions has acquired Rezzed ??TV which will now become a wholly owned division of MetaMixTV, the multimedia arm of Fluent Media Productions.

Deborha Patten is CEO of Fluent Media Productions.?? Stuart Warf founder of Rezzed TV will continue to manage the operations of his division within MetaMixTV.?? Matt Shapoff is the CTO of Fluent Media Productions.

MixedMediaTV is an entertaining, immersive world of live music and performance art created with virtual reality technology. Content is streamed 24/7??from the Virtual World using??our new online network to a global audience.

Fluent Media Productions has already achieved recognition for technical excellence and artistic talents in the form of awards and praise for a music benefit for Haiti. (