Stuart Warf

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Stuart Warf is the creator of the Rezzed.TV network which has helped produced some of Second Life’s most favorite shows including The Phoenix Hour and Virtual Wrestling Entertainment.

Stuart joined Second Life in early May 2006 when a community of podcasters discovered Second Life and considered the possible marketing potential as well as added layers of interactivity that the world could bring. These possibilities interested him and convinced him to join the virtual world. Since then Stuart has been involved in many facets of life that can be taken in the world such as building and community development.

However Stuart’s favourite interest was media production and launched The Podmafia Podcast in August 2006 and later on formed SLPN (later known as Rezzed.TV) on January 15th 2008 as a hub where people who created podcasts about virtual worlds could put there shows online and share them with the world. Since then the network grew and continually gained an audience until April 2011 when Rezzed.TV was acquired by Fluent Media Productions. Stuart now serves as a key member in MetaMix TV.

Since MetaMix TV has launched, Stuart has assisted in the growth of MetaMix TV by offering his technical expertise in the managing and operating of the MetaMix TV website and framework as well as helping develop current and future programming for the network (including MODA Fashion Primetime).

With a passion for technology and Virtual Worlds, Stuart is a natural geek and can often be seen playing around with various gadgets (or lusting after them in his case). He has an extensive knowledge of IT systems and studied IT Systems Support in college for several years as well as having training in Network Management, Database Design and Web Development.

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