Vpets – 19th August 2011 – Blue Viox

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Vpets have arrived on MetaMix TV. Check out the latest episode that discusses the Meeroo’s phenomenon.

4 Responses to “Vpets – 19th August 2011 – Blue Viox”

  1. Reply muse says:

    Thank you so much for this show…It was incredibly informative, now that I have my own Meeroo:))

  2. Reply Candi Clawtooth says:

    This was the best show Ive seen yet!!! Well done and very informative. A lot of things were made very clear to me , which were foggy before! Thanks!

  3. Reply Zoe Darli says:

    Blue Voix is very informative re the meeroo’s. Amazing show and a great interview! Thanks!

    (wink wink Hi Blue we all love you!!! )


  4. Reply brett melton says:

    I just bought 2 horses and there amazing!!

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