The Phoenix Hour – 28th June 2011

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Watch live streaming video from metamixtv at

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  1. Reply Controversial Viewer Feature Survey - Page 20 - SLUniverse Forums says:

    [...] Phoenix Hour video – 28th-june-2011 The Phoenix Hour – 28th June 2011 __________________ daniel [...]

  2. Reply Felis Catnap says:

    Why are people so obsessed with the pie menu? Its a really bad design from a useability point of view because if someone wants to access something on the 3rd page of the pie they have to go clicking through so many menus. Where as with the STANDARD(as in standard across operating systems) context menus are way easier to work with.

  3. Reply SweetCheeks54 Timeless says:

    I just watched the video since I missed the show. 1st) I want to know is there going to be on the log in page the remember resident in the next release. I say this because some have multiple avi and it is easier to just click on the avi and have the password for the avi remembered also. for me I have problems typing due to severe illness back in February. 2nd) Will we be able to have the ability to have the different colours for our friend in text and the colours for our tags. 3rd) I have been on SL for over 3.5yrs & have never considered it a game. This is for me and my friends a 3D Virtural Social Network . This can’t be a game as except for in the rp games, there are no winners or losers so it can’t be classified as a game . It is a place that we meet & make friend with ppl from all over the world. So don’t call SL a game unless u are talking about the role playing areas , like war, racing, etc.
    thank you
    SweetCheeks54 Timeless

  4. Reply Ask says:

    Why the stream is somewhere else again? Why you don’t use the same TV-Site all the time to make it easier to find/link?

    • Reply stuwarf says:

      Hey “Ask”, I am a little confused by your question. We use the same site for all future editions of the Phoenix Hour and have done since our new website went live a month ago.

  5. Reply Hmm? says:

    Why can;t I hear them talking? :/ I could hear the annoying vid before it

  6. Reply Crap Mariner says:

    When I subscribe to the show in iTunes, I get the 5/10/2011 show.

    I’d prefer to subscribe and watch on my iPhone than have to come to the website or log into SL.



    • Reply stuwarf says:

      Hey Crap

      We are working on getting this fixed. At the moment, our shows are being hosted on livestream only. We are looking into ways of making these files downloadable easily soon.

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