Fluent Media Acquires Rezzed.TV

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Deborha Patten and her team are creators of Fluent Media Productions has acquired Rezzed  TV which will now become a wholly owned division of MetaMixTV, the multimedia arm of Fluent Media Productions.

Deborha Patten is CEO of Fluent Media Productions.  Stuart Warf founder of Rezzed TV will continue to manage the operations of his division within MetaMixTV.  Matt Shapoff is the CTO of Fluent Media Productions.

MixedMediaTV is an entertaining, immersive world of live music and performance art created with virtual reality technology. Content is streamed 24/7 from the Virtual World using our new online network to a global audience.

Fluent Media Productions has already achieved recognition for technical excellence and artistic talents in the form of awards and praise for a music benefit for Haiti. (http://www.fluentmediaproductions.com/blog).

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