Geo Meek

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Geo Meek rezzed in July of 2006. He was already familiar with 2D virtual worlds such as the Palace. Second Life seemed like a good venue for learning, and sharing. Since he was not a fan of a text only environmnt, Geo started Skype groups with Second Life to enhance communication before in-world voice became a reality.

In 2007 he met documentary film maker Molotov Alva, whose work Molotov Alva and His Search for the Creator: A Second Life Odyssey was purchased by HBO and premiered on Cinemax in 2008.

Geo Meek played the vary small role as a griefing clown in the subway , for which he was given proper credit. But did misspell my name “Geo meek”. The experience inspired in him a desire to make his own video

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