W. Fred Hendrix

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Fred brings many years of experience in the music and night club management businesses. After studying theater and performing arts at the University of New Orleans, Fred worked for Sid and Marty Krofft productions, making animation and shows for the Six Flags amusement Parks in the late 60′s. He stage managed and helped create the character of H&R Puffinstuff which was developed into a long running TV series.In 1971 while managing Your Fathers Mustache New Orleans ( a world wide Banjo Night Club Chain) he created and Produced Vince Vance and The Valiants, (who wrote the song All I Want For Christmas Is You) and built the band into a national touring act which continues today. In 1982
Fred became proprietor of the Tricou House, 711 Bourbon St. and operated this business for 24 yr until hurricane Katrina. During that time he helped with the development of many New Orleans musicians. The Tricou House was one of the first businesses to have live web cams streaming onto the Internet from their location. At that time streaming was one frame every two to three sec. During this time Fred worked on many movies and commercials that were done in New Orleans, such as Street Car Named Desire , Hobsen’s Choice, and No Mercy. After Katrina, Fred lived in Jamaica for several years, building web sites, consulting for several security companies and training guard dogs. Fred brings to VRIT a wealth of producing and directing experience in live music , film and video.

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