Wildfire Morgwain

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Having a history of real world theater involvement, such as acting or vocal talent in plays such as “A Doll’s World”, “In the Shadows in the Attic”, “Barnum & Bailey”, and other plays, Wildfire’s taken her adoration of acting into SL in the form of being an avid Roleplayer and getting herself involved in the fantasy community of Second Life since she joined in 2008. Along with this, she also was management in a SL night club that featured music performers and dancers, well in the early days of live bands and singers in SL. Through those contacts, she ran across a member of the VWE at a club event, and through him became a fan of the Wrestling community. Through a series of ‘accidents’ (or so she says), she became part of the VWE as its first full time Female Commentator.

Since those early days, she’s used her knowledge and passion for the company she now calls ‘home’ to throw herself fully into its management. Having applied for and become the Owner’s Assistant, she’s at his side to oversee and learn every aspect of management of the VWE. Over time she had taken over story-boarding (which was later turned over to Xannder Schumann), she’s in charge of HR – doing all the interviews and hiring of talent in the VWE and managing the trainers and the whole entrance process. She advises on all aspects of production and lends her building and creative writing skills to the company whenever possible. As HR, she also coordinates communications between the staff and the executives of the company, and holds regular staff meetings to keep the whole of the VWE informed of what’s happening within the company. All of this while still being the federations longest running commentator, in her own sassy style. These and any other tasks given are each tackled with as much enthusiasm as possible for someone who calls their work – “My home.. this is my crazy family, full of those nutty cousins you can barely stand, the favored uncle that never fails to make you laugh, younger and older siblings each with their own quirks, and more. I adore this place and these people, and am richer for the stress, hair pulling, screaming (both in enthusiasm and in frustration) and sheer joy the VWE has brought me.”

With her skills in event coordination, management, production, and creativity, she’s looking forward to being a vital part of the MM.TV family and continuing to learn more about the media world within SL, to expand her fascination with machinima, and to help the company grow as she herself does.

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