Phoenix Office Hour July 12th 2011

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Phoenix Office Hour July 12th 2011

Phaylen had some issiues rezzing her skin at the beginning. They didnt realise they where live allready. Oh well… its showbiz isn’t it? :-)

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  1. Reply Phoenix Hour Summary says:

    [...] Link to video: July 12 Phoenix Hour [...]

  2. Reply Kat Terrawyng says:

    THANK YOU for your efforts in keeping the floating profiles! One of the biggest reasons I came to Firestorm from V2 is that I seriously HATE the web profiles, for all the reasons you addressed.

  3. Reply Certified Lunasea says:

    I am not thrilled by the new profiles at all, and if you didn’t turn them off before the roll-out you may not be able to do so now. You can turn the feed or posts to the feed off, but that is all. Privacy isn’t a concern LL has at all it seems, nor do user wants seem to be a priority for them. I am seriously hoping that some other VW catches LL with their pants hanging around their ankles and shows them what treating customers poorly and not listening to your user base will get you. I am just waiting for another VW to get stable enough for my favorite creators to move in and I will also leave SL behind at that point without a single regret or tear shed. I just hope I can use my favorite viewer there, but if not I’ll make due without it.

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