Phoenix Viewer Project 1 Year Anniversary

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Phoenix Viewer Project 1 Year Anniversary!

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  1. Reply Tia Quinzet says:

    Thank you give me so very great joy in my life here…i did love Phoenix Viewer but now move to Firestorm have and set to look just as Phoenix just take me a few hours was all hehe….everything you say here today at party is right have given me a life here i can never have outside of this world and for that i thank you with my heart….my best wish’s to Jess and all the team for a job well done you have my vote woot woot :-)

  2. Reply Firestorm voice Toggle Button - SLUniverse Forums says:

    [...] can verify that voice is working in our 3.x tree. I was using it yesterday for our Birthday party! Phoenix Viewer Project 1 Year Anniversary I'd check the voice volume control. Also there's a chance that was a temporary network disruption [...]

  3. Reply Sioux Nikolaidis says:

    My main activity in SL is live music performances in which I try to push the boundaries of what it can be done in a 3D world event and I need V2 features for it and then FS has been facing the challenge of being good enough for me for that, at a alpha stage: after 6 months of no-stopping use, I can just say all the expectations were met and FS just kept improving.

    I loved the look and feel of FireStorm since the first time I’ve run it after compiling it but I could never expect such a great job to be done in such a short period of time.

    Congratulations to the whole team, you guys went FAR beyond what I could ever dream of!

    And what about the support team? I’m speechless: you guys rule! ;)


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